Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sweatshop Experiences Part 2-PIST

PIST short for "PIecing Shit Together" a little acronym I coined :-)

"A coder needs to be lazy"-Quadimoso 2006

A manager's idea of a constructive activity is to have very very long meetings just to discuss items that could have been summarised in a few minutes..My quote should fill you in on how we feel about wasting time talking when we could be coding :-)

I spend a few days going through the spec and trying to understand the direction these guys want the system to head..even before I can digest everything my boss keeps coming and asking me for "something,anything" which basically translates into a prototype..I'm wondering a prototype yet the tech spec is barely a v1(Version One), I resist the dude but finally I give in and do a small demo/prototypeV0.1 :-) so that his bosses can see that at least am working and I can justify my salary (not even worth justifying)..

Development Environment

I choose PHP,MySQL,Apache as the development environment because of the power of the whole stack, unfortunately I don't have any Linux to give it the complete setup but windows will do for now :-)

More on the development environment later

My boss, the IT manager drags me into a meeting to discuss the "Tech Spec" and basically show the suits what I've done so far, the meeting starts at around 9am and we finally conclude it at around 10.30pm, yes!!..you do the math we talking of more then 12 hours discussing a 4 page document where some other manager takes the lead and basically shoves his ideas down my throat..

Almost forgot to mention something, the IT manager is kindoff a wimp who basically wants to please his bosses so he just agrees to everything and gives me this look that to kindoff see if I agree when all along his basically screwing me over..

At the end of the day with me PIST beyond control they basically scrap tech SpecV0.1 and come up with a new one, don't forget I've done a sample demo based on the first tech spec..

Part 3..will be worth the read :-)

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