Friday, July 21, 2006

Sweatshop Experiences Part 3-Prototypes

Prototypes-the very mention of that word makes me shake in my boots. Don't get me wrong am a fan of making prototypes during every stage of development, the problem is that people abuse the very essence of prototyping.

Management use prototypes to bash the developer and add functionality that wasn't in the original specification much to the detriment of the developer without any consideration of how it affects development timelines.

Well my bosses basically used those prototype display meetjings to rewrite technical specifications because they would all of sudden get a wave of brilliance they hadn't encountered before!!..Imagine a situation where the IT Manager has been approving every stage of the development but when you meet his boss who automatically is your boss he immediately begins adding new stuff:

  1. Could you automatically notify the user once a record has been deleted?
  2. Could you let action 1 determine action 15 without it affecting all other actions?
Leave development to the developers and nudget meetings to the managers..

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