Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why PHP?

Why not PHP? that's the question which most people should be asking. PHP in my view has the following benefits:

  1. Open Source, meaning free and continous development by the open source community.
  2. Easy learning curve. In my opinion (yours could be different) PHP is pretty easy to learn and use, once you've mastered the curly braces look and feel your good to go.
  3. No setup challenges, download the binary and set it up and your good to go. I've done some basic web dev in Java, specifically using Struts and the Spring Framework, in as much as Java is powerful the setup of a web app can drive you insane and have you pulling hair from regions I can't mention here :-) If it's not the XML that will kill you it's the web app structure (/WEB-INF,/LIB,/CLASSES) that will have you wondering what's going on.
  4. Powerful collection of functions for every imagineable task you'ld like to carry out. Having come from a Classic ASP background where you have a handful of functions to work with, PHP is like a gift from the gods :-)
  5. Tight Integration with MySQL, do I need to outline the benefits of MySQL?...No..Just go to the website and read up on what it has to offer. For the skeptics out there, Craigslist runs on MySQL and Yahoo Financials plus many more..

    This isn't the whole enchilada, just a tip of the iceberg. Check out for more reasons to make the switch.

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