Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hiatus of an african tech-entrepreneur

For the last couple of months I've been closely following the blog of a guy called Nicholas Ochiel, I can't quite remember how I stumbled upon it (you might want to check out stumbleupon.com) but I do know that newsvine.com had something to do with it.

Nicholas vision was to start a web app which he aptly called Cheeseforge :-) (i think my next blog will be on choosing a brand name), I think it has something to do with the fact that we all trying to "get the cheddar" :-), he describes cheeseforge us:

"Cheeseforge, therefore, has been built to allow individuals and small groups of the same ( e.g in very small companies ) to manage, analyse and share data about their expenses and income. Think of it as an easier, lighter, friendlier, simpler version of Quickbooks that you use within your browser ( think Gmail for finances )."

In a continent where very few people go tech-savvy you can imagine my excitement of hearing a fellow African (Kenyan) actually venturing into developing a web 2.0 business app that would help people keep track of their financial info.

Having read his blog I decided to go to the cheeseforge site which until recently was on http://my.cheeseforge.com, I use the words until recently because from what I can tell it seems to be no more. For those of you who didn't get a chance to see it, there was nothing much to it except a very snazzy looking form giving you the chance to signup so that you could get notified once the app went live. Being a developer I had to view the source of the page and see if I could get a sneak peek of what was under the hood. The source file didn't give me much except one piece of infotmation that I found quite interesting :-) a Javascript source file called Mochikit.js which is a clean and powerful javascript library available in the Turbogears framework which is a Python based development framework.

I'm no Python fan, may be because I've never really bothered to learn the language, but I do respect any person who develops in the language. Rumour is that it's the language that drives Gmail. Anyway back to my story, I figured let me ask good ol Nick whether he was developing the app using Turbogears but i got no response. I guess he had to hide what was under the hood :-)

So today I decide to head over to his blog to track the progess of the app, and to my dissapointment his posted a rather long and dreary post (the guy does have quite a flare with words) explaining that he will be going on a "Hiatus" apparently his mind needs a major reboot. He also mentions that public work on Cheesforge would be coming to an end :-( a very sad turn of events.

But not to worry Nick, the entrepreneur fire still burns and will continue to burn. I think I can speak for may budding afro-preneurs when I say that we know you'll get back on the work horse and blaze the way for so many of us who can't see the path.

Python curious gatos (spanish for cats) :-) check out Turbogears and Django I think I seriously need to check out this stuff :-)

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