Friday, August 04, 2006

Journey of an Afro-preneur: Brainstorming

I don't think there's anything as exciting us a brainstorm over a boiling idea. Itr truly is an adrenaline rush that can't be compared to anything else.

So about a week ago after I had formally classified my social app as an LOL I setup a meeting with my fellow Afro-preneurs at one of the local coffee shops in Nairobi called Nairobi Java House. If you ever get to come Kenya this one of those places you really want to go and sip on some sweet and fresh kenyan coffee.

Adrenaline + Crazy Ideas + Kenyan Coffee=Innovative Afro-preneur :-)

The meeting was meant to be used as a starting point where we basically come up with a wishlist, it becomes like a melting pot of ideas where you just go on and on about what we wanted in the app. I picked a former workmate of mine Duncan to assist on the technical end, Duncan is one of those really smart dudes you need around when you thinking of setting up any techsavvy gig, excellent web developer and has a sharp eye for detail so it was easy for me to pick him plus earlier on he had expressed an interest in setting up a similar app. I mentioned in an earlier post that you need people around you who will help you nurture the vision/idea, duncan is one of those guys.

So I kick off the meeting with a brief description with what I have in mind with regards to functionality and we start writing up what the wish list. So many questions which I hadn't asked myself pop up and we make sure that we write up every answer.

Duncan asked me a question which I liked "Where do you see this app in the next 5 years?", I had to take a moment and think about it koz where you see your business idea in 5 years will strongly determine the decisions you make right now, whether it's the database design,financing,hardware,programming language,design,scalability etc. I answered his question by telling him that I wanted this app top become the number one african social networking portal ( a thing-a-majig) :-) You ask "Couldn't you have come up with a more detailed answer to the question?" the answer is yes :-)

Two hours later and a cup of coffee down we finally concluded the wishlist, it was really beneficial koz it exposed flaws in the original concept and helped enhance the idea to a level we felt would be workable.


supafly said...

Kahawa No. 1 hahaha. Dude, you've helped a sista out big time. Shukran.

Renisa said...

This Afro-preneur thing sounds really great...but tell me u met for 2 hours and had one cup of coffee???

"Two hours later and a cup of coffee down"

Hmmmm... is Kenyan coffee truly that potent that u only need one cup to keep u going?