Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Journey of an Afro-preneur: Dream Team

Choosing your venture/idea partners:

Think of Lord of the Rings (fellowship of the ring)

We all want to have the best people on our team, just check out the way soccer clubs keep buying new players even when they have more then enough (Stupid Real Madrid), so a couple of weeks back when I was picking who I'd want in my development team one of the first people who came to my mind was Pilgrim :-) (I use aliases a lot just koz it sounds so cool)

I think I'd need a whole blog just to describe Haj :-) but in a nutshell I'd summarise her in an equation:

Adrenaline+Estrogen+Bill Cosby+Animaniacs+Afro-New Jack Swing loving+dynamite=Haj

But even this equation doesn't do justice to her character.

Humour and brains a lethal combination when you coming up with an idea that needs nurturing and she fits the bill down to a tee let's not forget the humour factor which we all need occasionally :-). I think every business idea needs that one person who'll see it from the consumers view and approach also from the business side (coders suck at this, look at the Google UI and you'll see what am talking about)..

Duncan aka Dunwan also joins the team, I've mentioned him before on a previous post so I won't go into so much details. Lets's just say he complements the technical aspect of the whole venture.

I also picked Ken aka Gisty Jeng :-) to partner up with Haj on the Business aspect of the venture. I used to school with Ken in Nairobi School (PATCH!! Rocks) and up until a few months ago we used to work together before he "saw the light", am not sure if the light blinded him but it eventually landed him in Kampala, Uganda (way across the border). Enthusiasm for the idea is what made me pick Ken and his business acumen.

On the creative end I picked Bluefi5h, a former workmate and a fellow blogger. This guy has more creative juice in his body then anybody I know, plus he has some very nice entertainment devices (Sony PSP, Satellite TV) that I know will come in handy when we having one of those long brainstorming meetings :-) Immediately I mentioned the idea to him on Gtalk his mind went into overdrive and he starting talking about all this ideas he has with regards to branding,merchandising etc, now you tell me who wouldn't want such a guy in his team?? He keeps me on my feet when I slack off..

yesterday I talked to another friend of mine Nellz and she showed an interest although ma yet to follow up on her...

A lot of other people have been involved in the conceptualisation phase but might not eventually make up the whole team, one major reason for this is that commitment is what's required not an exciting attitude that lasts for 5 minutes.


Renisa said...

It's interesting that u've chosen to use Lord of the Rings as an illustration..especially The Fellowship of the Ring. When the Fellowsip is being formed, Gimli the dwarf says "but let him not vow to walk in the dark, who has not seen the nightfall."

I like how you're going about your venture by getting people who are into it as much as you, and have the knowledge as well....for the long haul (just like the members of the fellowship)...let's just hope there's no breaking of The Fellowship with this one!!

tHeViLLaGeR said...

Hey quadimoso,
Shoot me blufi5h blog address, need to holla at him for sth...aiit.