Thursday, August 31, 2006

Journey of an Afro-preneur: Sucks....

Update: 5th Sep 06
Due to hue and cry from blog commenters I've decided to change the title of the post to Sucks from F**k Godaddy :-)

Finally the famous responds to my requests for the activation of my account, this is what I got from them:

This account has been locked due to suspected fraudulent activity. The payment method used was suspended from use in our system. All charges made to this payment method were refunded and all products were canceled.

This action was taken because the billing information provided did not match the origin of the order. That is, the purchase seemingly originated from a computer from outside of Kenya.

Please have the credit card account holder provide a viewable copy of his/her government issued photo identification -- like a driver's license or passport. A scanned image (under 100,000 Bytes in size) can be attached as a response to this message, or faxed to:

Attention: Fraud Department, Laura

We will then be able re-open the account.

There you have it, am at a loss for words and for those who know me you'd know that's not easy. I have a few questions concerning this action:

  1. If my account was suspected of fraud why did they let me purchase the first domain?
  2. The billing information as well as the order origin I provided was Kenya and continues to be Kenya, for petes sake am in Nairobi right now, how did they ascertain that I am not in Kenya?
  3. Why have they locked the two domains I wanted to purchase thus preventing me from purchasing them from other registrars?
Obviously none of this questions will be answered by the "almighty"

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