Friday, August 25, 2006

Journey of an Afro-preneur: Insomnia

True to my nature I have done a self-diagnosis and concluded that I now have Insomnia, why do I say this? well for the following reasons:

  • I don't get to sleep until aabout 3am despite my eagerness to embrace the bed and all its warmth and sweetness.
  • I associate the bed with lack of sleep and as such I avoid it ude to the fact that I know each time it will disappoint me.

As a web developer/coder I've always welcomed the lack of sleep especially during those times when a problem needs a solution or when you have a project that needs to be completed but what am experiencing lately borders on weird. I think "the bug" really has me this time :-)

My evening usually starts with me having my supper at around 9pm, I then head to my room at about 10pm switch on the laptop (which by the way needs a major upgrade), put on my headphones and begin assaulting the keyboard with every imaginable lines of code (PHP being my favorite then Java followed by a little Python hahahaha!! I wish!!) at some point I realise that several hours have passed and its now 1am, everybody is asleep in the house even our pet cat aptly named Peeps :-) is asleep. At about 1.45am I stand up just to get some blood moving to the legs, I glance at the bed and no desire to go in exists, by this time I have already scrolled through every number in my cellphone to see who I can call or text but I know most people are asleep with the exception of one person :-) she's always there for me and she knows herself :-)

At about 2.30am I decide to give the bed a chance, I keep telling myself this nite will be different from every other but I know better. At about 4am i begin to doze off which is really bad koz I should be awake in the next 3-4 hours to head to work, anyway I wake up at about 8.30am tired and worn out like I've been running during the night. Head to work, come back home and the cycle begins again.

I'd like to think that my renewed energy and desire to pursue some business ventures could be the key factor in my lack of sleep but I'd be wrong. I don't lie awake thinking of new ideas quite the contrary I lie in bed thinking of how I'll get more sleep :-) I'm a few days short of taking sedatives but am just afraid they'll mess up with my wonderful brain :-) and stunt my entrepreneurial spirit...that's me being a medical quack..I think I should stick to the web development side :-)


Renisa said...

This lack of sleep sounds really serious.

Uuuuu..maybe you're like Ralph Roberts..Stephen King's character in 'Insomnia'.Ha!!

Ok seriously, I'm sorry. Never been through it but it must totally suck.Well, at least you have your friend...the one who's 'always there for you..' That's nice. There's nothing worse than going through something with no one there to stand by you.

Anonymous said...

was up sleepless.
damn that sacks (vampire kabisa).
well how about changing your view, image, opinion of your bed.
its a start i guess.
they say the mind is very powerful and you can change lots if you just put your mind to it.
all the best.