Monday, August 21, 2006

Journey of an Afro-preneur: Job Dilemma Part 2

In my last Job Dilemma post I mentioned that I was waiting for a response from my potential new employer on friday, and for sure the response came, although it wasn't what I was expecting. Let me paste the email (I've edited the parts that could incriminate me) I got from them, then you be the judge:

I will consider you when we make the next decision. I have mentioned you to our chief exec and we have a relationship with the top people in Your Current Employer that means we would have to mention your interest to them if we were going to make you an offer. We would not do this unless we were ready to employ you and I would warn you in advance. Again if this is likely to cause you any problems please let me know. Technical Director is back in the country now so we will probably review applications and try and make a decision early next week.

So there you have it, a response that just made my jaw drop!! I was left wondering why in God's name would you want to inform my current boss of my intention to leave?? While your at it why don't you just get me fired, that way I have no rom to negotiate since I'll practically be unemployed!!...I think all this company execs have some kind of buddy thingy I likened it to the days of slavery where if one slave showed interest in moving to another owner's plantation, the owners would then sit down and come to arrangement that would be mutually beneficial and that was what was happening here.

I figured let me get Pilgrim's take on the whole matter, and we discussed what kind off response I should send them. It had to be one that doesn't come out like am trying to hide something while still conveying an intention to be as open as possible, here it is:

My preference would be that the matter was handled in the most discreet manner possible. Recognising that we both have relationships to maintain with the Current Company Management, in our different capacities, I would request that, in the event that you select me to join your team, that you allow me to inform Current Company of my decision to leave prior to your organisation contacting them.

I think this response was quite fitting, and if it wasn't I don't quite give a damn!! :-) let's see how it goes...

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