Thursday, August 10, 2006

Journey of an Afro-preneur: One Step Closer

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was considering taking a "Two Pronged" (two social webapps each with it's unque identity and targetting a different aspect) approach well yesterday that idea came closer to becoming a reality when I finally managed to register the first domain name (sorry I can't reveal it for now but be sure I will in time) big thanks to Bluefi5h for going the extra mile and getting this done.

All this happened after quite a lot of stumbling blocks which included a declined credit and debit card, and the pick of the day where I picked a hosting package which included free domain but racked up a bill of 168$ :-) don't ask me how this happened but it did and on my "fire budget" it wasn't something I was ready to accept so I rectified it. Not to worry people am getting a credit card (you really have to live in Kenya to understand why we don't apply for them but it has something to do with paranoia which could be traced back to the water hmmm :-) ) sooner rather then later.

Gisty Jeng eagerly volunteered to register the other domain, I have mucho confidence in him but he seems to be drowning in "co-operate garbage" I take it "the light he saw" was most likely an approaching bus and not the heavenly one he was expecting :-)

All in all a very positive week, looking forward to this weekend to see what Bluefi5h will come up with.

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