Thursday, August 17, 2006

Journey of an Afro-preneur: Resolution in the horizon

I've gotten one or two questions from blog fans :-) whether am going to allow Gisty Jeng to buy the domains, after much consideration I decided that this wouldn't be a wise move for the following reason:

Gisty Jeng seems overwhelmed with work at his current position. The workload seems to be drowning so the last thing I want to do is assign a task I feel he doesn't have the time to do. This decision isn't a reflection of my lack of confidence in him but as the leader of the team I need to make decisions that will be of overall benefit to the company. I have talked to Gisty Jeng and his accepted my decision on this.

So yesterday I sent godaddy my account details including the domains I wanted to purchase, am yet to receive a response from them but am confident the matter will be resolved before the end of the week which for me is tomorrow,Friday, commonly referred to as FurahiDay!! in Kenya.

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tHeViLLaGeR said...

Dude! Thought you know better than let your domain name float around cyber space.Encounter any more problems, just holla n i'll have it done for you in a giffy.