Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Journey of an Afro-preneur: Two Prongs

After my first melting pot meeting I was supposed to send the list to one of my designers to start getting a creative picture but I've been running around like a lunatic handling some personal issues so you can imagine how pissed of my designer is!! :-)

I finally got round to doing it today morning :-) two weeks late, but I've been running around trying to purchase the domain name. It's hard to believe but i have no credit card so it's been a mess just trying to get my fellow paranoid Afros to let me use their over the net, I think a seminar should be run in Nairobi just to educate people on credit card usage over the internet.

I've been thinking of having to kindoff social apps, the first one is more of a community app whereas the second one will be more of a personal app. Its a "Two Pronged" approach which could mean disaster but on the other hand it could also mean success. I feel that users would like to interact in a social setting and also would like their own personal app that they could use to express themselves in a private way.

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