Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Riya- A web wide visual search engine.

Riya- A web wide visual search engine.

That's what the CEO Munjal Shah describes it us. I stumbled upon it a couple of months back when reading the Techcrunch blog. I checked it out but wasn't really that interested until today when I decided to go back and see what it had to offer. By the way his blog offers quite a detailed description of how the whole Riya idea came about and the adrenaline rush they got pre and post launch, a must-read for anyone interested in setting up a webapp.

I won't go into describing in detail what it's about but what I got from it is that it allows you to tag and describe each section of a photo which can then be recognised and searched. I didn't quite get the gist of it until when I searched for Machu Picchu and it gave me a list of photos tagged and described, I was then able to select a part of the photo and describe it as a face and who it was.

With all that excitement, I decided to setup an account so that I could show off my photos of Mt.Kenya, can you imagine my dissapointment when I got an error message ERROR: Your registration process could not be completed, please try again after some time.

I have tried more then two times to register but i Keep getting the same messsage, I suggest the guys at Riya.com check this out before the blogosphere slams you into the ground and buries you.

Update (later on today):

I headed back to Riya.com a couple of minutes after an anonymous user had posted a comment on my blog (yippe!!my first comment) Seems the first time I tried to register and got the error message my account had already been setup.I wonder why this happened? anyway am just glad it works.

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I am able to try it.