Friday, August 18, 2006

Silicon Valley Africans

Any time I see my fellow Africans making waves in the IT sector I gotta standup and give them props, so when I stumbled across the blog, which by the way is a very interesting read, of one called Dare Obasanjo you can imagine my excitement.

According to the wikipedia:

Dare Obasanjo is a Program Manager at Microsoft where he works on the Windows Live Messenger instant messenger product and related services. Obasanjo is best known for RSS Bandit, a popular .NET-based RSS reader he wrote on a whim. Obasanjo is son of the current president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo.

Work at Microsoft

Dare has spent much of his time at Microsoft defining the public-facing XML protocols for various MSN properties. Along with various members of the Microsoft Indigo team, Dare is coming to terms with the POX/SOAP tradeoffs. Prior to joining the MSN team, Dare owned the XML I/O and Schema APIs for the .NET Framework. He owned Microsoft's primary XSD implementation for a period of years in the past.

I have never used RSS Bandit and didn't know about until when I read up Dare, I'm downloading it but judging by the screenshots It looks quite powerful. Aside from the fact that the guy is the Son of the President of Nigeria, this guy seems pretty smart I guess you'd have to be to work in Microsoft Cheers!! to the guy.

Here is an outdated Resume which his posted on his site plus a link on the Microsoft Employees Page.

If you know of any other Africans making theirmark in Silicon Valley feel free to post the link.

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