Friday, September 08, 2006

Action and Reaction

I was never good in physics in Secondary school, I cruised on grade D for so long that in my mind it almost sounded like a B but I did manage to pick one or two concepts or theories that I've clung on to like my life depended on it. The Action and Reaction Law always impressed me, mainly because it could be applied to almost anything from the most serious of things (a steamy affair) to the most trivial (think of a one night stand), where and how you chose to apply it is at your discretion :-). For those of you who didn't get a chance to study Physics, the law (Isaac Newton's Third Law) states that "For every action there is an equal opposite reaction" your probably wondering where am heading with all this well my previous post "Crisis of Poor Management In Local Tech Companies"=Action resulted in my former boss reacting in=Reaction. The reaction came in the form of an email which he copied to all employees of his company, I won't post that email unless you specifically send me a request by posting a comment,but I will say that it was short and straight to the point. This has prompted me to act or should I say react and re-examine the whole post from a different perspective. I'm no Ivy League graduate so you'll excuse me if my views don't sound very educated, but who says only the Ivy Leaguers can criticise existing businesses?

I wanted to do a complete critic of the said company but I've realised that events are overtaking me, I've decided that this post will be specifically dedicated to chronicling the events that have occured since my post went live, I'll only mention the key ones. I don't inspire to be great in what I write just to tell it like it is, if I didn't do that I'd be denying who I am.

September 6th 06:

The Villager puts his two cents on the matter. Short but straight to the point.

September 8th 06:

Digital evengelist posted a rather detailed comment on the matter which in all honesty gave me the desire to continue doing what am doing.

September 8th 06:

One eyed bandit commented..big ups for his words..

September 9th 06:

Pilgrim..oh lovely pilgrim..straight talker..I feel you on that post...

This represents the written comments I got from people out there. I must say I was surprised by the response, negative as well as positive, this blog was never meant elicit reaction or be the "voice of insanity" :-) believe me I've been branded many things during this past weekend from "An ungrateful fool" to a "Neo-crusader" and some others I can't mention, at the end of the day we do what we must do..


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