Friday, September 29, 2006

Blue stuff,mobile companies,Vigilantes and my week

My week can only be summarised as crazy and exciting at the same time.

On the mobile front, Celtel, the 2nd mobile service provider has introduced something that is bound to put MJ (Michael Joseph) on the run, one tariff for the 3 east african countries with no roaming charges, I don't know about you but that kicks arse whichever you look at it. In a nutshell everytime I go to Dar es Salaam,Tanzania to visit my dear brother I don't have to remove my SIM card and put one for one a TZ mobile provider, I'll just use my my Celtel Kenya SIM card and pay the same rate.

Word on the ground is that Celtel is drowning in debt. The numbers do give you a clearer picture, there are 6.5 million mobile subscribers in Kenya, Safaricom has 4.6 million of them leaving Celtel with a paltry 1.9 million. I'm a safaricom subscriber but I have to admit Celtel has better network coverage and a wider range of services. I'm in the process of acquiring my 2nd phone just for Celtel usage.

It seems Blue isn't the color to be this week. Bluefi5h seems to have run out of RAM resulting in a major boot sector error which culminated in a hard disk crash, in laymans terms the dude is burned out. I just hope he recovers and gets back to his normal self.

It seems that mobile phones are really penetrating in Africa, at least according to a report on ZDNET here. We now have HSDPA (high-speed downlink packet access) with our South African brothers. Looks like things will get better overtime, Celtel also launched their mobile internet access at Ksh20 (0.26$ cents) per mb (megabit) of data sent and received.

I had a talk with "Duke" of and he tells me based on this article he'll launch a proactive group to agitate for the rights of the investor. You really need to read this article and see the underhanded approach adopted by stock brokers in a very bullish market. Looks like the birth of a vigilante group hmmmm...:-)

It seems the call center business isn't as rosey as I thought, if the action the company is taking an indication then things don't look very sunny. After a recruitment drive that so our company hire more then 100 people for one of our major clients, I was shocked to find out that the client cancelled the accounts and now we stuck with empty computers and the company has to retrench the guys they'd hired. Most had only worked for about 3 weeks so the disappointment and anger is at some crazy levels. Let's see how that this space I might be out of a full time job sooner then I think....

It's amazing how web companies are valued look at the numbers:
Facebook-1.5$ billion
MySpace-Currently 580$ million but estimated to have a value of 15$ billion in the next 10 years or so..purchased by News Corp
Youtube-1$ billion.. but Mark Cuban doesn't think so article here

And that was my week...

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