Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Grey Spots: Blogger Poetry

A fellow blogger Al Kags, just sent me a free (don't you just love that word!! :-) ) poetry ebook titled Grey Spots which his taken the time to write. I've always appreciated people who are able to express themselves by putting their thoughts and emotions on paper (kudos to all visual artists also) and so I took the time to read through some of Al Kags words, if I comment I just might spoil it for you :-) so I won't I'll let you read it and see which one speaks to you (personally like Senses of Me :-) oops !! did I just make a comment??? hahahaha!!)..

Head over to his blog Kenyan Tenses and post a comment..If you want me to send you the poetry ebook just post a comment/request with your email address and I'll be sure to send it you..


Anonymous said...

hey its me TK send me that poem

Gigi said...

send me the poem pliz