Thursday, September 14, 2006

OpenOffice Just As Good As Ms-Office

Having taken a break from writing the business plan for almost 4 weeks I finally managed to get a decent Word editor onto my aging laptop, most of you are thinking Ms-Word..well that would be the logical software to put in but after having lost One-eyed-bandit's "copy" of Office XP I decided to go the Open direction :-) and so I installed OpenOffice. I would have to say that it has one of the smallest installation files (70MB to be precise, Office XP comes in at a whopping 350+MB install file) considering the amount of software it comes bundled with. A couple of months back I'd read that OpenOffice was the memory hog and as such its adoption was proving to be a problem, I don't have any performance metrics to compare it with but I would have to say that in terms of memory consumption it proved to be much better then Ms-Office (You need to see the ageing laptop I'm using to understand where I'm coming from).

I'm not an Anti-Microsoft Crusader but I figure that if you can't afford to buy their products and piracy isn't you cup of cake why not take what's being offered out there as an alternative, I'm sure Bill (Gates and I are on a first name basis :-) ...hahahaha!!...) would agree. There are obviously some things that Ms-Office has that could probably put OpenOffice to shame but I figure that they are all cosmetic and in time Sun Microsystems will include them in the next release (currently we are on version 2.0.3).

Try it out, believe me you it worth the second look at..


home to find it said...

Im running OpenOffice on my laptop after my laptop was engaged in an altercation with a metal detector and lost. had to replace the hard drive and OS and wasnt about to spend another dime on software so i figured OpenOffice would do. Its worked fine so far. Im running on a P4 processor with 512mb RAM and 2.6GHZ.
I had started writting all my documets on zoho anyway ( so it wasnt that big of a transition

m said...

I thought so too until I installed Office 2007.

Oo is a non-starter