Thursday, September 21, 2006

Peculiar behaviour and just about everything...

I haven't posted in a couple of days mainly because I've been working like a dawg at the "Sweatshop" having changed my work hours from 9am-6pm (usually leave the office at around 9pm) to 7.30am-4.30pm (have university classes at around 5.30pm so I have to leave early to beat the jam that is part and parcel of our lovely city). So I'll just recap on the various events..

So I was thinking back to a few years ago when the leading mobile service provider, Safaricom, had network congestion issues especially on Friday's when it seems everybody was calling somebody to organise a hookup somewhere. The CEO, Michael Joseph, when contacted for an explanation as to why the network had problems had the gall to say that "...Kenyans have peculiar calling habits..." :-) a comment that did not go down well with his customers as well as the general public, so he quickly apologised for that comment and explained it off with some english wizardry that I have no desire to pursue, by the way Sir Michael as I've aptly named him is white so people didn't take it lightly that an expatriate had the nerve to describe the people who gave him his job as "Peculiar". So I decided to look up the meaning of the word Peculiar and I had a grin all over my face when I saw the meaning:

  1. Unusual or eccentric; odd.
  2. Distinct from all others;strange
Guess which meaning my fellow Kenyans had chosen to take up? :-)

Anyway, yesterday was chaotic for me but it was also a good day since I was gifted with a laptop,Inspiron E1505 Series, which is making its way to Nairobi by November 4th (No i haven't put it on a ship..). Despite the exploding battery saga with the Dell Laptops I decided to go ahead and trust that they have fixed the problem, may be my faith in human beings needs to be questioned!! a laptop exploded yesterday at the Yahoo HQ and hundreds had to be evacuated according to engadget, the story goes on to say that this was a personal laptop :-). I come from the land where product recalls are just impossible so am thinking if mine does explode who do I run to?? Dell please open a country/region office here in Nairobi.

Last thursday we had the pleasure of hosting two google directors at our office, apparently our "Sweatshop" is getting more coverage then a political event, and if you know Kenya you know politics takes center stage. So that was exciting, the trip was pretty low key and no local daily mentioned that they were in the country, as always we "kissed arse" when we saw them :-) who wouldn't?? Google is to the internet what the Nile is to Egyptians, the source of life :-) By the way we went to the google directors page and we couldn't figure out the ones who were in our office (Yes the CEO didn't tell us their names!! how could he)..go figure!!..seems they also passed by a "common friend" whom I criticised..hmm..fill that in for yourself..

Seems Firefox 2.0 RC1 is available for download yippee!! here is the download link..

On tuesday I was chatting to Al Kags about the IFC Business Incubator and he was very skeptical about it. I figure he has more experience in the matter since he is a convenor at the ictvillage, to quote him this is what he had to say"its not for start ups, its unrealistically stringent and they get to own 75% of the biz" food for thought..hmmm...on the other hand he also pointed out that if the business plan is solid it will stand on its own..time will tell..

Gisty Jeng was in town on sunday and we had a chance to sit down and chat about everything, he was particularly interested in Online Payment dilemma and he was of the view that it was worth looking at. It seems he'll be leaving his Kampala haven, having been disillusioned by the organisation's direction as well as its vision, seems the grass isn't truly greener on the other side...

That's a week in summary...

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tHeViLLaGeR said...

Heard about the Google directors being around, had a meeting with the TESPOK boss and he mentioned it to me. I gather Google is looking for key relationship builders in Africa.

About the IFC deal...hadn't we been through that? Well...AlKags be right...flog your Bplan else where man. bad on that doc I was to send you.Kahawa sunday sawa!