Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sleep is the cousin to death

Three weeks later and the insomnia persists, but now my attitude towards it has changed significantly. I have learnt how to embrace the lack of sleep as a gift rather then as a curse and harness its power and the opportunities it brings me. Last year when my eldest brother known as Makos came back home from USA after 13 years away he told me something that seems to have stuck, very few things he says actually stick in my mind :-), but this one did.."Sleep is the cousin to'll get all the sleep you need when you dead".. he told me when I mentioned to him that during his whole stay at home he'd barely gotten enough sleep but was instead partying his behind off, I suppose the excitement of coming home after such a long time had gotten to him..

I don't have the luxury of explaining of my lack of sleep as excitement due to one or two things, somebody even suggested that I change diets which currently consists of:
  • No Breakfast
  • Lunch-Usually white rice and some animal or vegetable protein and a glass of fresh fruit juice
  • Supper-Rice/maize meal and some veggies or meat
Now you tell me what can I change form the meal plan above that could result in more sleep? rather then focus on what I could change I decided to focus on what I could accomplish now that I have officially become a nocturnal person. Many ideas have come into mind. all of them noble :-) incase your mind had wandered into the gutter, but the obvious one had always been to source for projects during the day and work on them at night, it made financial sense and judging by the noise my 1989 Nissan B12 makes I need the money like a junkie needs the fix.

So for the last couple of weeks I have been leaving the office at about 9pm, heading home, having dinner and sitting behind laptop trying to finish a project THE VILLAGER contracted me to do. I would be lying if I said that by the time I get home I'm not tired, am drained but it never translates into sleep. I get a lot done by 2.30am and plus I get paid :-)...

Some people have expressed concern that I'll burn out in pursuit of the almight dollar, the wrong assumption is that I never get any sleep, I do, just not at the common time that regular folks do and that I believe silences the critics :-)

Do I ever wish I could fall asleep immediately my head hits the pillow?Offcourse, but since that isn't happening why not harness its power :-) I see myself like one of the Marvel comic characters from The X-MEN :-) just without the tights and the weird costumes. In the X-MEN Professor Xavier teaches the mutants to accept their mutation and not see it as a flaw, so here I am...

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tHeViLLaGeR said...

I concur...when you are young and can do with less sleep...heck you go ahead and do it. If you are doing sth constructive wit the time ur awake.