Thursday, October 26, 2006

Inside Facebook

A few excerpts from the newly published book "Inside Facebook" by Karel Baloun(his a dude by the way just incase the name conjures up images of a hot techie lady :- )). The book was available for 36 hours to online reading and I did my best to soak up all of its important message :

For every success, there are hundreds with the same or similar idea, who gave up, couldn’t find or keep the passion to succeed. Every one of them would have faced different challenges towards success, some being prepared in these ways, others having these strengths, others having help in these areas, but the passion which could have lead to success is a flower which withers in self-doubt, criticism and loneliness.

For even without those experiences of colossal, dramatic failure, for any good idea there are countless critics and numerous competitors. So we try to stay away from negative, critical people. But one of them is always with us - our inner voice can spew fear and self doubt, whenever we let it, if we don’t train it. Are my ideas worth anything? Maybe everyone whatever I’m thinking, other people know it. Maybe my best idea, some smarter guy at google is already finishing it.

Social networking needs to fulfill a purpose, or people will not go through the trouble..

If a service is useful, people will be loyal to it, and give up a lot for it, though less eagerly countable things like money.

The product needs to speak to the needs of its users and gain their trust

Even great famous people usually only did a few great things. So we need to choose carefully what that great Anything will be. Lack of focus means your power is divided. You will lose any race if you are trying to juggle at the same time. Your superior talent can only take you so far. If you are dividing your focus, it needs to be in hope that the synergy among your efforts will have greater power than either piece, otherwise you’d be better off finding a greater vision for either one of the two pieces, and just forgetting about the other piece. Not lowering the priority of that other piece, so it can continue to take up valuable space in your deeper mind, but actually cutting it away, as in “that would be great, but I’m not going to do it

"Anything great is overwhelming, so seeing it as small steps helps, if it is actually a staircase you are building and not a treadmill. And you can trust that help will come, exactly matching your passion; perhaps it will be someone like Sean walking by your house without a clear place to stay.

Keep focus and passion on a single, even if complex, vision. If it is a complex vision, you must find passion on a simple piece or two of it, and start running with that.

If you don’t have a vision yet, meditation, having a realistic idol/role model/mentor, time for deep, creative conversations, topical and inspirational reading, and other things can help, but maybe you are just not ready for your journey yet. Visions can take time63. So be patient, but remember that you won’t get far ahead without one."

"The internet has given us all incredible power. How will you use it? What’s your passionate vision? Can you leverage your online or offline social networks to launch you?"

"Your attitude determines your opportunities. The economy for you is what you personally think it is. Whether you believe you will succeed or fail, you’ll be right. As Abraham Lincoln said, “Most folks are about as happy as they set their mind to be.”

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