Friday, October 27, 2006

Journey of an Afro-preneur: Just bought the domain name finally!!

So after my bad experience with which even upto this day seems to be rejecting my Credit Card (yes I finally accquired one) I have finally bought the domain for my social web app. This signifies the most serious and committed step I've ever taken towards achieving this vision of mine.

In the next few days I'll put up the home page with an invites only form to build the buzz..come up with tag line and flood the blogosphere with speculative info :-) use the power of the internet to create a viral marketing campaign.

I've asked Jisty Jeng,who keeps posting comments on the blog using a different identity everytime, to also come up with a sharp,crispy looking Web 2.0 logo, I'll then choose between his and the one that Bluefi5h will have come up with.

Sad news was that another domain I wanted to purchase seems to have been bought by some Indian Sage or swarmi :-) but those are issues that will be dealt with in the future. The important thing is the first seeds have been planted.

Bluefi5h has offered me free hosting services on his megaspaced and ultra-bandwidth server, now how can I say no to that kind of offer? :-)

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