Monday, October 23, 2006

Journey of an Afro-preneur: Road Trips, Languages and Snakes

I'm back from one of the best road trips (aptly named randa randa, which if my swahili serves me well means "move from place to place") I've ever had and I can assure you it was worth it, down to the last cent but more on that will be in a wordpress powered web log I'l be setting up in the next few days where all the guys who were on the trip will be able to share their own experiences.

TheVillager asked me what ever happened to the social networking site I was working on and I was left wondering what I should tell him, the truth of the matter is that it still is in the pipeline, I've faced a few obstacles here and there but they've only given me more resolve to push forward and get things moving.

So while that is happening I've been trying to learn the "language of snakes" :-) am sure your thinking I've decided to become a snake charmer :-) I wish!!..hahaha..I actually decided to open up that ebook and learn python. Why learn a new language?? may ask..well the desire to learn something new in an ever changing environment is my driving force, ICT is the only field where everything changes everyday, several years ago Classic ASP was the wen development language of choice now we have more then 20 languages coming up each with a different syntax and all of them offering a different way to do the same thing. I think learning a new language gives me that extra edge and also helps me adapt easily when faced with new environments.

How much of the language have I learnt?..not as much as I'd like to since am not in a hurry to start getting my hands dirty with common web development tasks like Add, Edit and Deleting of records :-) Infact I've spent more time trying to understand the core of the language, the nuts and bolts, rather then the engine, that way I can master how it works before running head first into a web development framework e.g. django, and Turbogears.

Is it an interesting language?..any new language is interesting even the hard ones like Perl :-) The syntax is radicaly different from PHP where we have curly braces to signify the start and end of functions, loops, and conditional statements, with Python indentation is what denotes the start and end of the code..hmm..a new way of thinking..personally prefer the curly braces :-)..So i guess my answer is yes.nad yes its relatively difficult but so is any new language..

What's my plan after I learn the language?..well my take has always been look for its application to your current field, in my case it would be web development. There are a few python based web development frameworks out there with Django being the most prolific (The similarity between Django and Symfony PHP5 framework is remarkable), so I will try to use the frameworks available on one or two apps.

PHP still remains a favorite for me currently due to its ease of use and powerful features but it never hurts to up the skill levels.

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Anonymous said...

My brother and his family are moving to Wales so I have decided to learn Welsh, not because I think I will need it when I go visit but I think it could be interesting and a way to pass the evenings. The problem is I have no idea where to start! Welsh is not as widely spoke as languages such as French and German so I am having trouble locating a tutor. So I have decided that I am going to do it myself online. Does anyone have any experience of learning language online? Is it easy when there’s no one to speak to? Also what are the prices like?