Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Journey of an Afro-preneur: Building the Kwangoo Brand

I mentioned last week that our vision was to build the most prolific online social brand in the region and slowly by slowly we heading there. I need to mention that our budget for this whole project is currently standing at....let me look at my accounting books...zero 0Ksh 0$..sad but true..I think the lack of money makes as even work harder towards achieving the goal, it forces us to network even more, to pull resources together, basically it makes us put in the extra mile to ensure that we achieve it..

Last friday I decided to conduct a small "focus group" (The Apprentice got me on this line of thinking) to get users view on what they would like to see in a site of this kind, No I didn't go to the streets and ask people questions or hand them some questionnaires, I used the power of the internet and decided to IM them :-) cost cutting and efficiency of time is critical at this point dude to limited resources. The views I got were rather interesting and most weren't knew but I was glad to hear them from potential users and they will definitely be factored in.

Bluefi5h sent me the t-shirt concepts yesterday, although I wasn't in the office where I have internet access (I seriously need to hook up some internet at home) I still managed to access my mail on my phone (this wouldn't have been possible a few years ago when no one had a fixed line or even a mobile) and look at them on the small phone screen and I was impressed with what he had done. So today I rushed to the office and had a proper look on my mammoth 17 inch monitor (not flat ..aint that so sad..) and you can just imagine my excitement at looking at them properly. I did what I consider is always important, get user views on the look of the t-shirts, I got good feedback which I communicated to Bluefi5h immediately.

The plan is to use as much human resource and network associations to build the brand, let people be part of the online social move and move it from just a word of mouth brand to the brand that everybody wants to be associated with.

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Renisa said...

I'm glad it's going well. Very proud of you..can't wait to see the finished product.