Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Journey of an Afro-preneur: A demanding week

It's been a demanding week for me and despite me hoping for the best from every situation the "Murphyesque cavalcade" (I got that line from another blog which was talking about the string of problems they have been facing) of stumbling blocks seems to be getting to me. I have the rigours of full time employment to deal with, a string of projects I need to deliver, meetings with my contractors (basically people who have paid me to do for them work),family issues on my back and the occasional desire to just pick up a blunt object and go mass genocide on every living soul within 200 miles.

So the domain is ready and is aptly named Kwangoo (which is like a twisted version of the swahili word "Kwangu" which means "my place..") I like the name cause its catchy and easy on the tongue even for the non-bantu out there, I'm informed that non-bantus and caucasians would have a problem with the word "kwangu" and would pronounce it as "kwangyou" which would be so wrong in my view, so I twisted it at the end and added to letter O's.

So now am trying to get the logo up and running which seems to be the place where my patience will be tried to the core. Bluefi5h seems to be operating on another level of existence where the word "today" seems to mean something else, so am left hanging as he says his sending me the logo and when I check my mail I see nothing, now you know why I have visions if inflicting bodily harm to my lovely neighbours (bluefi5h lives about a km from where I live :-0...).

Jisty Jeng also seems to be on another parallel universe, he did the wrong concept despite me insisting on Kwangoo. Uganda is far if you look at it from a walking distance perspective but am sure I can organise for his arse to get a thorough beating.

I even considered having a company. Logoworks, do for me the logo but having looked at the cost about USD300 I had to shelve that idea after all I have no budget.

On a lighter note, I decided to pay the organisers of my "randaranda" a visit on Monday where I finally met the 6 beautiful ladies behind this exciting concept. I spent the better part of the vening talking and listening to them and they spent the better part of the time just being themselves and drowning me in so much humour I almost cracked up.

So now its thursday am a logo short, and am wondering is this the way it was all meant to be when this vision came about or does it get better with time?

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