Monday, November 06, 2006

Journey of an Afro-preneur: so many questions??

So the splash page for has been up for about 5 days now, I've received some awesome reviews on the logo, people really associate with it and it gives them a desire to know more about the site and its features.

Duke looked at the splash page and said "i see a kenyan trying his luck with a myspace-ish idea" :-) well I have to admit is a major source of inspiration but am not trying to be one.

I've received many questions from people asking me when will it be launched? and as much as I'd like to launch it yesterday I can't, is still in the development phase and once I have something that can hold people in as I release updates I will, so for now I would urge my supporters to be patient :-) it will come...

I'm basically an Army Of One so you can imagine the load on my shoulders, but am enjoying it at the same time dreading it. On one hand I have a dream coming up and that is major adrenaline rush!! on the other hand I have the demands of life pulling me down and yet I have to deal with as an online brand. But its an experience I wouldn't trade in for anything.

I want to thank a few guys for their support even with such a small step like a splash page, Major props goes to Bluefi5h, Gigi, Duke,Benoit, Gisty jeng and the rest whom I havent mentioned. Good things are on the way...

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Renisa said...

Congratulations!! Saw the landing page some time back...not bad!! So when shall we see the whole product?

Waiting with bated breath :-)