Monday, November 27, 2006

Journey of an Afro-preneur: Making my way back..

It's such a refreshing feeling to be able to blog again after such a long time, I think its been almost 3 weeks since my last post and the few people who actually read it have been asking me "what's going on?.."Well to answer my "fans" :-) a lot has been happening :-) and that's all I'll say...I'm just kidding, well in the few weeks I've been off the blog I've been designing the database (alone) and its been really interesting, I basically have to think of every possible feature to have in Kwangoo and then come up with a suitable and optimised structure, sounds boring, well it can be but its not like I have a team behind me.

Last friday, 24th Nov, was interesting, I called up my friend TK and she informed me that the people on the TV show she's shooting were interested in featuring, that was exciting news for me but also scary since so far is just a splash page, this put me into overdrive and I holad at Bluefi5h to setup a meeting for the weekend which unfortunately didn't materialise, but we meeting today and hopefully will cover a lot of ground.

Working on kwangoo as well as other projects hasn't been easy, sometimes I just want to quit it all (work, school and God forbid kwangoo) but I can't, I need the day-job to pay my bills, I'm not sure I need school (You tell me...) but I figure I can go on another day and even though it's breaking me physically I'll push on.

On saturday, while on my way to a wedding party (which by the rocked like krazy), I met a friend of mine blacksheep (the guy is one dark-skinned brother :-) ....) and we had a rather lengthy discussion about I told him what my vision was and the way I was going about it, I was surprised at his level of excitement which seemed to supersede mine, and I like that koz it gives me psyke or drive to go on.

I wish I had a team of developers to work with on but I don't so I work with what I have which in this case is an overburdened mind and body that could do with a major makeover.

Yesterday I tried to take a few pics of the splash on my very wonderful Dell Inspiron E1505 (runs like a ferrari but has the most stupid OS on it...) but the pics were so unclear I decided to let it go. In time I'll setup a blog for and I'll post all the pics :-)

Anyway, gotta go meet bluefi5h ....


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