Monday, January 15, 2007

Journey of an Afro-preneur: Leap of Faith

Faith along with Passion are one of the most important ingredients towards starting and running a successful business. If your not passionate about what your doing you'll never strive to make it a success, if your business is a "tedious chore" then like any other chore it will lack the perfection and attention it deserves. Faith and an absolute belief in what your doing will go a long way in ensuring the success of that idea, you have to believe that it's a brilliant idea even when the naysayers crowd you with negativity, but the faith just like anything needs actions to accompany it.

I believe and am passionate in the ideas I have and in the projects am involved in, and my faith in turn deserves an act that solidifies it and ensures that I not only stand beside my words but also act up on them. Lately I've been overwhelmed with the demands of the projects I have undertaken on my spare time, sometimes I wish the day was about 48 hrs so that I could get more done but I know that won't happen. My fulltime job takes away about 8-9 hrs of my day meaning that am left with about 6-7 hours (by the way am still in University so I have classes to attend) to handle my projects and this has proved to be hard, so last weekend I made the decison to leave my current fulltime job and pursue the projects I'm, passionate about on a fulltime basis.

I know this is a risk am taking but again faith requires that I stand beside what I have preached for the last few months, Spirit of Entrepreneurship.What does this mean to me?:

  1. Loss of "steady" income (please note am not using the word guaranteed in this because a paycheck can never be guaranteed).
  2. Full time concentration and focus on projects.
On one hand I lose the income on the other I get to concentrate on several streams of income, I think that's a leap of faith am willing to take...


Msafiri said...

Reading this blog has got me all excited, partly because I believe in the Sub-Saharan coder and the experience he has acquired in the industry. I know it will be a great year and your timing couldn’t have been better. I see Kwangoo and other products you will spin going places because of the due diligence you and the community has done. My word is that we will support you in each and very way we can. As I always say: You have a tight head on your neck.

Pilgrim said...

it's not an easy decision to make, and I can tell you from experience that if you don't have a financial buffer things can be hairy... but there is nothing as rewarding as seeing the work of your hands yield results, especially after toiling away... keep the faith!