Thursday, January 18, 2007

Journey of an Afropreneur: A haunted house and 1 or 2 good things

So after much lobbying and literally having to beg I managed to get internet access at home ..woohoo!!..that might not seem like such a big thing if your from a country where internet access is like electricity (You just need to have it) but it is quite a big deal where am from, we all hoping that with the Fibre optic cable that's supposed to be running under the sea will be put in place by the end of the year so that my fellow Afropreneurs can work from the comfort of their home and blog until the sun comes up :-)

So I've taken advantage of the access to the internet and started doing all those things I couldn't do from the office (No it's now what you I actually decided to use the Riya Uploader and just upload my pictures to my Riya profile. For those of you who don't know Riya its a image search and repository that identifies faces in a picture and allows you to put a name to it,eventually it does it automatically for all other pictures that match the facial features, that way next time somebody can search for me and it will bring all photos that have me in them, I think it's pretty cool you should check it out.

Last Sunday 14th January 2007, I had to meet up with a few other Afroprenuers and go look at a house we had been offered as an office by the "prolific CEO" . I was so excited but the further we drove into suburbia the more scared I got, so we eventually pull up into this compound and 101 thoughts are going through my head "What if its a dump?..What about access to the main roads?" not to worry my questions were answered once the gates were open by a rather scrawny looking security guard who didn't look like he could protect a rock let alone a compound of that magnitude. Calling the house a dump would be an understatement, I made a point of taking pictures :-) for this very moment, I tried to be open minded but I kept looking at the ceiling and the floors and the kitchen and finally I just gave in and my mind just rejected the place. You must be thinking that am not a very sharp person, after all how many people are given a 5 bedroomed house rent free to use as an office for a startup? the answer is not very many.

This was just the outside the inside was a site to behold, kinda reminded me of "House on Haunted Hill" (I've never watched the movie..just think of a haunted house...:-)...) We finally decided that this wasn't the best place to run a small company considering the amount of repairs needed (the house is to be pulled down so no one is willing to part with money to fix it up)

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