Friday, January 05, 2007

Reading up..Stacking up..

So last year I decided to buy a few books and read up, I've always enjoyed reading but have always been skeptical of buying books from the shop, I keep asking myself "what if I don't like it?what if it doesn't meet up to my expectations?" with those kind of questions in my mind you can imagine how many books I've purchased so far :-) (I think about 2 in the last couple of years).. to the rescue..with the comments and reviews I get from I decided to take a leap of faith and purchase three books that I felt were going to be good starters:

  1. The Search
  2. Google Story
  3. Small is the new Big

So far I've only read The Search, authored by John Battelle, and I can assure you it was worth the purchase. It has really opened up my eyes on the history of search engines, current trends and the future of search, I would most definitely recommend it for any serious web savvy person. I'll be finishing it in the next few days then I can start on the Google Story.

Now that I'm about to finish that book, I've embarked on learning Ruby (not RoR (Ruby on Rails)because I want to learn the language before I start on the framework) I downloaded a few ebooks which have gone a long way in helping me understand Ruby as a language and I must say it is quite interesting. The language is lighter but the perl like structure makes it a mouthful sometimes, I'm currently stuck on Regular Expressions chapter which I keep reading and re-reading just so that I don't miss anything. Weird thing is once I finish a chapter I go back to the starting of the book and start from scratch almost like I'd never read the book before, I think its because I really want to understand every facet of the language even before I start writing any applications. Lately I've been thinking of developing an application using RoR but am still not sure if I should go down that road, I'd hate to think that am abandoning PHP when it still offers me so much, in fact so many frameworks have been released in PHP that attempt to mimic the MVC (Model-View-Controller) structure of RoR that am beginning to wonder which way to go in my next application development.

Let's see how it goes..who knows..may be I'll end up learning 2 powerful languages (by the way I kindoff gave up on learning Python for web dev since I valued my brain cells but I've installed it on my new laptop)..time will tell..

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