Monday, February 12, 2007

Journey of an Afropreneur:Loads of Rails, A bit of Java and a couple of methodologies

It's been one of those rare weekends where I get to code and learn at the same time but with my car down for the count I didn't have a choice, combine that with the fact that our weekly management meeting for MC was cancelled it gave me the perfect opportunity to read up and stack up on a few new things plus brush up on the old. With all that free time I decided to pick up Agile Web Development with Rails and just go through it and pick up a few concepts about rails, that proved to be very exciting for the main reason that the Rails framework really makes web development very easy.

At some point I decided to brush up on my Java just a little bit by opening up a few of my ebooks, I decided to start with Struts for Dummies just to refresh my brain on the workings of

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