Monday, February 12, 2007

Journey of an Afropreneur:Loads of Rails, A bit of Java and a couple of methodologies

It's been one of those rare weekends where I get to code and learn at the same time but with my car down for the count I didn't have a choice, combine that with the fact that our weekly management meeting for MC was cancelled it gave me the perfect opportunity to read up and stack up on a few new things plus brush up on the old. With all that free time I decided to pick up Agile Web Development with Rails and just go through it and pick up a few concepts about rails, that proved to be very exciting for the main reason that the Rails framework really makes web development very easy.

At some point I decided to brush up on my Java just a little bit by opening up a few of my ebooks, I decided to start with Struts for Dummies just to refresh my brain on the workings of Struts that proved to be a bit of a bore (the configuration details are just to much sometimes) so I headed over to Agile Java Development with Spring, Hibernate and Eclipse which was way better then the Struts book but still so much to learn and so little time. It was while I was reading this book that I began to really get interested in Agile Modeling and Extreme Programming (If you don't know what they are I suggest you head over to the following links and read up on them and

I sometimes get the feeling that after all that learning when it comes to a project I'll always go for the language that I have more experience with, in this case that will be PHP, but of late I've been thinking that if I never experiment with any of my new projects I'll never acquire the experience I need. May be I should just stick to PHP and leave the rest for everyone, you tell me..

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