Saturday, February 17, 2007

Journey of Afroprenuer: Office,Laptop and Security Issues

This past tuesday I had a meeting with Al and Charity, a sought of brainstorm right before Al and I headed for a presentation at one of the Blue Chip companies. We usually meet at the 5th floor in a cafe at Teleposta Towers which happens to be where the General Post Office and where the Ministry of Trade & Industry is located there. Since we needed to review our concept and presentation I had carried the laptop with much trouble all the way from where I alight to the meeting point, Al arrived late despite the fact that he had insisted that I arrive at 10am sharp!!.

The meeting started at around 10:45am and I proceeded to remove my laptop from the safety of its bag and place it on the table so that Charity could look at the document Al had come up with, while into the discussion of the contents of a document a young man approached us and informed us that we couldn't continue to use the laptop for the following reasons:

  1. It would turn the cafe into an office.
  2. Security....yes my friend no explanation on the security aspect.

Now your probably wondering how we could turn a whole cafe that occupies half of the 5th floor into an office during a short meeting consisting of only 3 people!!??..But what left as all baffled was the whole "Security" issue which the young man so no reason to explain, he informed us that he was the manager of the establishment. By the way there is no Wi-Fi hotspot located in the building and even though we had no intention to access the internet it was shocking that a building that represents the GOK (Government Of Kenya) move towards the 21st century and its intention to embrace technology would not allow us to use a laptop for a short meeting.

It makes one question how serious the government is towards embracing technology particularly internet access for the masses.

We proceeded to shut down the PC and leave the premises with questions still lingering in our minds.."What is this security thing?"...

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