Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Folding, Blogs,Bugs and Cleaning House

Ode to the dead

The "Dead pool" apparently is the place where web 2.0 companies go when they run out of steam and fold up like beach chairs. I learnt tonight that Riya finally folded, I blogged about a few months back and it was a really good web application that allowed for visual and facial recognition of pictures, lets just say if you went into and typed up Shakira, it would recognise all the lovely pics of the latina heartthrob, but it now seems to have run out of steam and headed towards the dead pool, the company does have another product but for me it seems like a shopping website rather then the initial approach it had. The really interesting thing about is that the CEO talks about it's failure and doesn't hide from it, now that is really something. If you want more information check out the CEO's blog on, I always make it point to read the blogs of every web company that interests me just so that I can get to understand the workings.

One time I was reading the blog for and I headed straight to their initial posts where they talk about releasing the application to the public and then addressing the bugs and I was truly impressed, for the very reason that the issues that I face as an application developer such as "date validations" were the same issues they were facing when they released the initial application. We often think that this large web applications face very mind boggling bugs but we later on find out that bugs are just bugs whichever way we look at them.

Friendster Messages=Spam=Porn..endless cycle

Despite the fact that I have a account I never really use it despite the fact that it is the father of all social networking sites (at one time it was the most successful social networking site, but alas has crushed all of its foes). So this week I was surprised when I started getting messages from users in friendster, excitement was the first reaction later on replaced by rage when I realised that all the messages were basically women advertising their porn web cam sites. I'm not surprised at the lengths people will go to drive traffic to their websites, infact last week I went to Yahoo Groups and searched for "Kenya" well one of the 1st results I got was a porn group that automatically linked its profiles and pictures to another porn website (won't mention the name but its pretty famous and it's probably popped up when your torrenting for files).

Cleaning House

About a week ago news broke on the grapevine that one company I used to work for had "cleaned up house". That's the polite way of putting it, basically they fired 3 people in one swoop now that my friend is called "radical surgery". What I keep asking myself is "Why cut off your nose to spite your face?" but then again this things are inevitable.

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Anonymous said...

Radical housecleaning? I think it'd be fair if you published the full details:

The three did work for someone other than their employer. This wasn't allowed under their contracts to begin with, but more importantly, doing so during work hours is pushing it. You can't really expect an employer to pay you your salary whilst you do work for someone else. During your employer's work hours, on your employer's equipment.

And I hope the person who commissioned them to do this work (knowing full well when and where they were doing it) will now be able to find them enough freelance work/employment to make up for them having lost their jobs.

pilgrim said...

many sides to a story methinks

blueblood said...

Anonymous poster (1) seems to know more, but then again this isn't a "whose right vs whose wrong" issue, subsaharancoder points out that it was inevitable indicating that if the actions done by the three justified the action then the company had no choice but to carry out the "surgery"