Monday, March 05, 2007

Journey of an Afropreneur: 10 days and counting

I honestly can't believe its been more then a week since I last blogged but in my defence I can say that about a week ago I did submitted a post but when I checked the blog the following day it wasn't there which made me go hmmm..then grrrr...then w*&^f&**((..k but it's all good for now I have reason to post even some more.

I was just going through my daily updates when I saw an interesting blog post Zdnet, apparently Wordpress server was hacked and a malicious code inserted in the wordpress download. Now you don't have to be a genius to realise that this is a really bad thing, not catastrophic, but bad enough to make you think twice before downloading wordpress, considering that wordpress is the number one blogging software in the world that means that the malicious code could be on a couple of thousands of machines out there may be even more but whose counting? Earlier on today I was trying to access a few wordpress blogs and none seemed to be opening could this be a side effect of the hack?

Last week Al and I spent the better part of a whole evening trying to come up with a proposal in response to an RFQ (Request For Quotation). I left Al on thursday night (2am friday morning) working on it and returned to his place in the morning to finish up what was left. We finally managed to send it.

On friday I decided to pass by my former employer (the sweatshop) and drop off my office identification card. It felt really weird being back there but it was good to see some of my friends and just catch up. I made it known to them that I had no intention of coming back. I got a lot of questions related to what i was now doing and I answered them as candidly as possible "I'm now engaged in private business (entrepreneurship) and am currently building a company with 2 other people" now when you tell people you are building a business they get all excited and don't be shocked when you hear many of them saying "Now that's the thing to do..I also want to do that..." trust me you'll hear it so many times your ears will bleed.

I realised something rather funny last week, when you aren't looking for somethings they find you. Taking the example of a job, right now am not looking for a full time job but occasionally some guy or company will pop up, call me and say "Join us..". A job is like a relationship, when you don't have one you always looking for it but when you get it you keep hoping you could get something better or end it. That's where I am right now the only difference is that for me am not looking but people are offering.

I think this week will be very exciting and may be very boring at the same time since on one hand I'll be following up on some proposal while on the other hand I have CAT's (Continous Assessment Tests) at the university, but only time will tell.

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