Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Journey of an Afropreneur: 26 year journey that continues

The 13th of March marked my 26th year on this planet and boy do I feel old. Sometimes I can't believe that it was just a few years ago I was heading to primary school to attend my first class (I'm not counting Kindergarten) and beginning the journey to be the man I am today. I consider myself favored since I developed a keen interest in technology while doing absolutely nothing at home after the completion of my secondary education. It was during my stay at home that I picked up the book that would eventually chart the direction my life and career would take, the book called Creating Cool Web Pages Using HTML was an eye opener for me since it opened my closed world to the power of the web, even though the book was basic in terms of what it had to offer it planted the seeds that would eventually lead me to become a web developer.

Once I joined college (Strathmore College though now a university) in June 2000 I lost my "HTML energy" as I got caught up in the chaos of doing a course that combined business and Information Technology, the energy would eventually return when I picked a web based project for my diploma class. The project taught me about Active Server Pages (ASP) and gave me the foundation to start building interactive and dynamic applications. I submitted my first web application in late April 2001, a system for students to build their resumes online and have them searched by the college placement office. The application was never implemented (I don't blame them it really was just a series of many add,edit and delete forms) but it would form the evidence of my knowledge when I walked into a leading web development company and asked them to give me an internship.

A lot has happened since that internship and all of it has eventually culminated in me getting out there and trying to change the way technology is used in this country as well as this continent. I look forward to another 26 years on this country and on this continent.