Monday, April 23, 2007

Dell laptop cracks on me

About a week ago I noticed a rather peculiar and frightening crack on the front right hand corner of my Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop at first I thought it was one of pens that had put a line as I was writing so I did what every computer owner does, I took a piece of cloth and tried to wipe it off :-)

Anyway I racked my brains trying to find out how the crack could have been caused but I couldn't pinpoint an instance where I had hit the laptop at that particular point but then again since 3 out of 7 days of the week I usually lag it around from my home to our company meeting place (Al's home) it wasn't unlikely that in all that movement I could have hit it against some surface. I was content in believing that until when I went to college today and met my classmate George who has a similar laptop to mine, in fact he bought his a month or two before mine, he was busy trying to read for the Artificial Intelligence paper we were to site for at 6pm and the first thing he pointed to was a crack at the exact corner where mine was also cracked, Coincidence?No, I don't think so...Could this be one of the weak points of the Dell Inspiron E1505? I'm not sure about that but a crack appearing on the same corner of two different laptops leaves a lot to be desired and I intend to investigate this further.

I'll post the pics of the crack soon

Comments are welcome :-)


One-Eyed-Bandit said...

Better a crack than blowing batteries!

Anonymous said...

I also own a 1505 and have a crack on the front right corner...No idea on how it happened. The notebook has never been dropped or banged around. I wonder if they are heat related due to the close proximity to the battery.