Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter break, Car trouble and Just to much rails

The easter break came to an end on monday and for most people it was back to work on tuesday although I'm sure the thought on everybodys mind was when will the next long weekend come along so that I can sleep, eat, drink, dress up funny (the funky shorts you love to wear on weekends are unleashed) and scratch my battered up body, but for those of us with startup companies all it offered was a chance for us to totally focus on what we needed to do before the weekend came to an end.

I was to be out of town during the weekend so I made my internet connection available to Al Kags (he was robbed a few months back and the muggers happened to wander of with his wireless unit) so that he could partake of the pleasures and vices of the internet, that meant that for the 4 days I would be away I wouldn't access mail, check up on my favorite feeds and websites (Techcrunch, Guy Kawasaki, Mashable) which I was okay with you must be wondering why I didn't say I would be of Chat/IM well thanks to a wonderful application called Reporo ( I can chat on Google, Yahoo and MSN from my trusted Motorola L6 and that my friend is the power of technology considering that just a few years back we all had cellphones the size of Steve Madden shoes.

So while deciding on whether to go out of town or stay in the hectic city of Nairobi, I got a text message from my favorite group of ladies, they call themselves MindsEye Travels informing me that I had been excluded from the easter road trip aptly named RandaRanda. Needless to say I was dissapointed but since I'd been pondering for days whether I had the finances to part with the Ksh6,000 ($USD 87) the text message kindoff put my mind at ease, it saved me from having to tell them I couldn't make it and thus disappoint the people who were looking forward to seeing me. With my fate sealed I decided that whatever I was going to do during the weekend should not reach the Ksh6000 limit (the guilt would have killed me) so I holad at my "partner in crime" and we had ourselves a nice evening filled with drink and dance.

Our night of carousing landed us in the city center where we found other "like minded" friends who encouraged us to party until 3am. At this point I have to mention that our financial usage was low, no more then Ksh500 ($USD7.10), which was a very good thing. If I can be allowed to digress, a few weeks back I had a puncture on the left front wheel of my car and had replaced the wheel with what is commonly known us the "doughnut" as I pondered my next move. The "doughnut" is a small, yellow-orange, tubeless wheel that is meant to be used in an emergency situation, in theory you shouldn't drive with it for me then 4 miles but many people use it for weeks on end me included.

"Two came in Five left", that was the number of people in the car as we left the club. On the way home i began to notice that the car was dragging to the left side, since we were in a hurry all I did was increase the speed and occassionaly slow it down, all of sudden the car leaned to the left side and I realised that my spare wheel now had a puncture in the middle of one of the most dangerous roads (it's now very well lit but that doesn't change the fact that you can get robbed silly along the road). So this put me in my compadres in a rather precarious predicament, if we stopped we get robbed, if we continue we ruin the rim, oh what to do?? on oh yeah soldier. We snaked our way home and finally got to a petrol station where the nightguard did his best to chase us away so we decided to drive on all the way to my humble abode.

On the other end of town Al Kags was busy doing research and writing a white paper on Blogging as well as torrenting the hell out of the internet connection I had loaned him, I was to find out this over, never you mind that I had warned him several months ago about the practise and its implications on the account we were using, Damn You!!Curses!!Curses!!...

To think that just because it was an easter weekend work had to come a standstill was silly on my part, Al informed me that the CEO of a leading ISP in the country wanted to see us on thursday and would like to see the project we had been working on, that put the pressure on me to deliver so I had to boot up the laptop and start hammering on the ruby application. That put a damper on my weekend but what could I do? By the time we had the meeting on thursday at 10am I had been doing close to 14 hours coding and that wasn't fun. The meeting went well and a lot came out of it.

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