Monday, April 30, 2007

Internet no more

I guess before I even go on I'd better explain the reason for my absence on this blog, nothing major just the fact that I no longer have an internet connection at home :-( why lord!why lord?!?..why.... guess it was bound to happen bearing in mind that I had acquired it in a rather sweet deal (No details will be divulged). I guess nothing lasts forever but it was great being able to access the internet from home and do all my work with minimal interruptions with the occassional down time. I can't wait for next year when the infrastructure will be up and running and costs will go down by as much as 80% (for once in my life I'm optimistic about a government driven initiative).

So now I'm back to the good old days of walking to a cyber cafe to get my mail and work, but I'm hoping that this loss of freedom and independence will not last for long. I'm not one to complain (actually I am), but I had the rather nasty experience of trying to attach 2 documents (PDF and Ms-Word) on saturday from a local cyber and "By the beards of zeus!!" the connection was terribly slow to the point that I just gave up, I actually left the place pissed of and the cursing but later on I realised hmmm.."Mate you'd better get used to this until you get another set up at your home" and that humbled me.