Monday, April 23, 2007 takes another tumble

With the recent IPO of a leading internet service provider in Kenya in the market I decided to head over to my favorite stocks information website to hear what the community had to say about this latest IPO (off late we've had several and it helps to feel the pulse of the common man) and boy was I disappointed to discover that the site is down again. This is the 2nd time this is happening in as many months and it makes wonder whether my friend Duke is serious with managing it as a business.

We all know that all websites have downtime but at least have the decency to inform users via a message of sorts like "Oh Shit!!..Down For the Count". I've sent Duke a mail and I'm sure he knows that the site is down, but in case he doesn't I'll shoot him a text message early in the morning (approximately 10am for me).

Update:The website is finally up which is a good thing, according to Duke it was a routing issue that he cannot explain. From a business perspective the team behind this app cannot afford for this to happen if they intend to keep a loyal following.


stocks said...

the routing issue was beyond the control of People visiting the site via some ISPs in Kenya were able to connect without any problem, while others had some problem connecting. We are glad that it has not reoccured :)

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