Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bad events and preparing for some of them

This week has been rather tough on me, for the first time in the last years I have to move houses even though this isn’t anything major it is quite demanding considering that I have to co-ordinate issues in the current house and also ensure that the next house is sorted so that when I move in everything is okay. Take for instance the issue of electricity, if you’ve ever moved house you know that you have to get the electricity connected in your new place, especially in the case where your moving into a full house compared to a block of flats where electricity bills usually come in the name of the landlord who then forwards them to the respective houses, so today after trying to sort out issues with the vacating tenant I discovered that I now need to sort out the electricity and ensure that by Saturday (the day I’m moving) I do have electricity. Hopefully all this stuff will fall in place in the next few days.

I’ve talked about our cat before Peeps, well off late she’s been behaving rather strangely, in fact her movements and regular activities have almost come to an end. On Sunday as I prepared lunch (vegetables, meat and ugali) with my better half, we both noticed that she wasn’t really making the point of ensuring that we gave her the meat to eat and this was strange because usually she gets on our case about the meat even before we un-wrap it, well this time she didn’t. So after we had eaten our lunch I proceeded to serve her with the juiciest bone I could get my hands on, she didn’t eat the meat and later on I couldn’t find her (she’s been known to go missing for days). Well today I found her actually my baby sister found her at the corner of the house on a pile of old papers dead, it came as a shock to me and despite my tough exterior I was truly saddened. It’s amazing that I had grown so attached to her over the past few months that now that she’s dead it truly affects me. I took her body and buried her at the corner of our backyard in the evening.

Peeps(2006-May 2007) R.I.P

On the other side of town Al my partner was having his share of troubles, his hard disk had crashed on Monday evening so whenever he tried to boot the machine it would display the unnerving message UNABLE TO LOAD NTLDR. Now this kind of message doesn’t scare you much when your hard disk is filled with nothing more than several gigs of music and a few video games but when it has your business plan, financials, project proposals and God knows everything business related it is cause for concern. Never you mind that just a few months back, Al was robbed of his tablet PC which also had a lot of business material. I’m no hardware/software guru so when he made the point of calling me when he discovered this and the little knowledge that I knew pointed towards the solution being a repair of the current operating system using a bootable version of Windows XP CD. I didn’t have the CD with me so we attempted to repair it using a bootable USB version of WinXP on labour day which didn’t work. I eventually managed to get the CD to Al on Wednesday evening and he was to later on inform me that the repair didn’t work and that he was forced to format the hard disk!!..What?!??!...yes format the hard disk. At this point I need to point out that a potential client had just told Al to mail him the proposal he was working on for them and that another potential client would probably be asking for a meeting where Al would present the proposal he had been working on. Now do you see why I’ve had a tough week? The implications of this on our business cannot be overstated in fact it puts as in a rather bad situation as well as in a vulnerable position. One hopes and prays that these things never happen to you but they do, the lesson to be learned from all this is always prepare for the worst.

In a totally related news kind off, the May edition of Business 2.0 (read this magazine if you’re serious about business) was accidentally deleted from the servers and no backups were available. The only good thing is that there were copies of the content available as email but the layout was lost completely.

If the two stories above aren’t a good case for backing up your data then I don’t know what is. In case you’re wondering how you can store most of your important documents online check out the following great and free services: (I have an account with these guys and the service is excellent plus they have this embeddable widget that practically allows you to display some of your backed up/uploaded documents on a website (preferably your blog) for other people to download) plus the interface is pretty tight. I give these guys a rating of 8 on scale of one to ten.

Badongo.comI haven’t used this service but AL has, I did have a look at the website and it looks pretty cool, I can’t seem to get the name though but who cares as long as it works.

If none of these work for you then go the old fashioned way and buy an external USB hard drive preferably 100GB and above. I got mine last year and so far it’s proved invaluable; it’s slightly larger than a cigarette pack in length so it easily fits in the pocket and is light to, contains 120GB of storage and cost just about Ksh8000 ($115 USD) from

Let me see how the weekend will be.


fishingnett said...

Dude, so sorry

Al must have messed up bootloader.
It happened to me while trying to dual boot XP with Linux.
Did you try connecting that hard disk as a secondary disk in another machine?
Backups and disk redundancies are essential for business.

Sorry man

mehulio79 said...

Sorry about Peeps....May it's soul RIP!

startupkenya said...

Even though Al formatted the HD all is not lost. There are some excellent data recovery tools out there, try

C said...

Fantastic stuff on your blogg