Thursday, May 17, 2007

Journey of an Afropreneur:Buggy code, killer mosquitoes and the phoenix

I finally managed to move house about two weeks ago but since the internet connection in my new neighborhood literally "sucks!!" I haven't managed to do much, I even went as far as giving Al my laptop for close to two weeks as I cleared the boxes. With the boxes cleared and my body having recovered, I have now discovered that even with an internet connection I can't connect from the bedroom, the signal is just too weak, so now I've shifted base to the sitting room where the connection is much better and the mosquitoes really kick butt!! Seriously the mosquitoes in this new place put the amazon to shame but I will survive.

Today we had a meeting with the same CEO who had wanted to build an online business, but this time I went there with Al and the other guy who was to be a partner in the business. The meeting went pretty well but as usual left me tired like a mexican mule. The next few days will be critical as we solidify the requirements and prepare to build another online business.

Right now I'm dealing with a buggy PHP code base for an app that a contractor developed for us. The error I keep getting is this:

"Error unable to connect to database server Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)"

Nothing major based upon my experiences but somehow escaping me at midnight after a long evening.It's amazing that when you look at somebody else's code it doesn't matter how good you are in the particular language it all looks like gibberish and you keep going like this "duh!aah!uuuh!oooh!!.." until you realise that in time you'll figure out the errors and finally prevail.

I decided to change my gmail status message to Phoenix I think because I simply love the name and it exudes with confidence and hope, at this point I need hope and faith to push me through the tough times.

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