Saturday, June 09, 2007

Peupe: IE6 issues

IE6 seems to be the browser that will truely put me to the test when it comes to peupe. I developed and deployed peupe on a mozilla and IE7 browser having forgotten that IE6 is quite nasty when it comes to certain design issues. Take for example my mast head which is a transparent PNG, IE6 shows a blue/green background on the section that is meant to be transparent, I didn't notice this till when I viewed peupe on the campus browser, what this means for me now is that I have to design for IE6.
Resolution:Redo all the mast heads with white backgrounds

Another issue is the rich text editor (TinyMCE) that we using in the admin section of the app, it loads okay on Mozilla but doesn't load on IE6 and IE7. This obviously isnt a good thing bearing in mind that most of the time the app will be accessed from a cyber cafe where the majority of browsers used is IE6.
Resolution: Work backwords and discover why the tect editor isn't loading in the admin (just viewed tinyMCE's website on IE6 and the demo page loads okay)

This might seem like a few issues but trust me when your product/application is public its pretty crazy dealing with 2 major aspects.

I'm going to be doing most of my blogging now on Peupe (


the child said...

Hey man. Good to finally see Rails in around here. Ave been working with rails since 05. Good to see what you are upto.

IE is really a meanie when it comes to cross-browser compat. It sucks and slows us all down. My TinyMCE installation seems fine on IE6, there is a rails plugin on tinyMce, is it the one you are using? It could prove to be the help in u need.


the child said...
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the child said...

One last tip too. You could try integrate OpenID to your app. Would be a real nice treat for those who don't want to give personal details over and over again (like me). Theres a nice plugin by DHH. cant remember the name (google can :-))