Friday, February 08, 2008

Suspended Web Hosting

I seem to be the victim of an evil web host lord who has decided that I must pay for their mistakes. As I explained in my previous post. my blog on peupe has been down for the past 2 weeks as a result of broken code after the rails version was upgraded without any notification, now in what I can only describe as "gremlins at work" my web hosting account has been suspended apparently due to a memory bloat caused by rails applications. This action doesn't even make sense, considering the fact that my rails web apps, a total of 3, have been down for over 2 weeks so how could I have a memory bloat? I don't think this action was justified bearing in mind the hell they have put me through.

So where does this live me? well I can't backup my database, download my websites, in a nutshell I'm screwed. I now have to put into action a plan to migrate my web apps to a more reliable ROR web host, a few names come to mind such as Rimuhosting and Slicehost.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Peupe blog brought down by web host

It's official my blog on is down and will be for the next few days as I try to refactor my code. My web host Bluehost (Cheap but terrible customer service) decided that it was time they upgraded their rails version from 1.2.6 to 2.0.2 without notifying their customers, the result is that about 90% of my code is deprecated. Rails 2.0 is a major leap and is not backward compatible, in fact very many aspects have been removed and so any move to it needs some major planning even if the app is as small as Peupe.

So for now my home is back to blogger under my pseudonym subsaharancoder.

Back from vacation

I didn't want to leave Aruba, but I ran out of money :(