Friday, February 08, 2008

Suspended Web Hosting

I seem to be the victim of an evil web host lord who has decided that I must pay for their mistakes. As I explained in my previous post. my blog on peupe has been down for the past 2 weeks as a result of broken code after the rails version was upgraded without any notification, now in what I can only describe as "gremlins at work" my web hosting account has been suspended apparently due to a memory bloat caused by rails applications. This action doesn't even make sense, considering the fact that my rails web apps, a total of 3, have been down for over 2 weeks so how could I have a memory bloat? I don't think this action was justified bearing in mind the hell they have put me through.

So where does this live me? well I can't backup my database, download my websites, in a nutshell I'm screwed. I now have to put into action a plan to migrate my web apps to a more reliable ROR web host, a few names come to mind such as Rimuhosting and Slicehost.


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